The recently established Seabed and Offshore Solutions Ltd (SOSL) have now joined EEEGR (East of England Energy Group). This move will open up networking opportunities for both SOSL and fellow EEEGR members.

SOSL are an innovative specialist marine services company. Having identified a gap in the subsea and offshore services market, Martin Myhill Sisley set out to build a business which offers comprehensive subsea solutions. Organisations can now access tailored services from one single provider.

Working offshore brings enormous challenges to installation, operation and maintenance, typically working with multiple vendors to align skills on a project. SOSL brings all the technical skills required for offshore oil and gas and renewables assets under one banner. This offers greater efficiencies, more value, leaner teams and more profitability to customers.

From seabed clearance operations such as UXO and boulder removals to the installation of unique patented tyre mattresses for scour prevention, SOSL are well positioned to support the UK’s energy sector. As an EEEGR member, SOSL can now work much more closely with over 300 other leading businesses. EEEGR’s vast directory includes energy producers, supply chain companies and educational institutes.

EEEGR have always shown great enthusiasm to help their members flourish, organising popular networking events, engaging with government bodies and providing business development opportunities. Both EEEGR and SOSL share the same goal, to ensure that the growth of the East’s energy sector, creating more opportunities for local people and businesses.

“I have always been a big supporter of EEEGR and what the team does there.  We need more than ever a collective voice in our region, helping businesses to capitalise on the energy opportunity on our doorstep.

Joining EEEGR is a no brainer for any East Anglian based company, just look at how successful SNS is, with a growing footfall year after” – MartinMyhill Sisley, Managing Director Seabed Solutions.

The EEEGR team share SOSL’s excitement. Having brought on board a new member with a unique service offering will only benefit other businesses.

“EEEGR is delighted to welcome Seabed Solutions as members. We look forward to working with them and seeing the business grow in the region and globally. Our region is the epicentre for offshore wind in the UK, the largest provider of indigenous gas and one of the few regions developing new build nuclear. We wish Seabed Solutions every success in developing the business.” – Simon Gray, CEO EEEGR