Personnel & Equipment

Seabed Solutions are able to provide Client Representatives, onshore and offshore Project management, commercial support, ROV operations and Seabed Rectification.


EOD – Analysis, UXO Assessment, Removal, Detonation, Remote Lifting. 

Seabed Solutions has a partnership agreement with the UK’s leading UXO specialists, EORCA (UK) who have a suite of specialist UXO equipment including 6.4-metre military grade EOD RhiB, Remote Ordnance Lifting Systems (ROLS) for lifting and relocating and the patented ‘Barracuda Bomb & Mine Disposal System’.


Seabed Clearance – Decom, Boulder Removal, Solutions including reefs. 

Seabed Solutions offers various AUXROV Systems which are multipurpose intelligent AUXROV systems for delivering power and positioning underslung tools.  Tools are simply installed through a universal docking plate which hydraulically locks into each tool with position feedback through the software.

AUXROVs can be interfaced with a number of sensors for survey operations such as cameras, Multi-Beam Sonars with auto heading and depth feedback. Tools include:

  • Rock Grab
  • Mass Flow Excavator
  • Dredging Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Shear Cutters
  • Tracked Skids
  • Survey Skids



With a partner company, we are able to offer side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, data processing, charting and reporting services. Typical work scopes include debris survey, pre and post lay survey, pipe/cable detection, free span detection, etc.


Condition Reporting

During annual inspection campaigns, Seabed Solutions are promoting a ‘repair while there’ approach during Annual Inspection, such as cable stabilisation mats mobilised during the inspection programme


Scour Prevention – Supply and/or installation of Tyre, Concrete, Frond and Hybrid Matts. 

Seabed Solutions has various solutions available to prevent scour erosion and provide scour protection.  This includes a unique patented tyre mattress solution which has been proven to be an effective solution for scour problems.



Pipe & Cable – Stabilisation, Free Span Corrections, Crossing Design/Install. 

Seabad Solutions has a number of options and skill sets to ensure that seabed located assets remain safe and secure.



Licence invitations – we are able to offer marine spatial planning (Crown Estate) to assist with licence invitations.

Analyses – we can develop and collate information and data as required

Application – we are able to demonstrate an understanding of seabed to third parties

Planning – we offer pre-FEED feasibility analysis and comprehensive FEED studies

Survey – we can define survey requirements e.g. scour, UXO strategy

Permitting – we offer support with permitting and licensing e.g. MMO


Seabed Asset Support

Our approach is simple and direct to address the many offshore installations and particularly wind farms that have challenging and repeated issues on the seabed. These include scour, UXOs, boulders, damaged or vulnerable pipelines, cables etc. These all require monitoring, identification and above all solutions.

  • Offshore Wind Farms: Array cables, export cables, monopiles, jackets (OFTO and turbine), anchors, met masts, crossings, shore-end landing, joints, marker buoys. Oil and Gas Fields:
  • Pipelines, umbilicals, manifolds, PLEMS, SBMs, drill templates, jackets, moorings, foundations, wellheads, bundles, etc.
  • Seabed – Sewer out & in falls, telecom and power cables, water pipelines, cooling intakes, coastal defences, data storage, carbon capture, etc